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professional assistance


Pricelist for design and spatial planning document preparation services

Pursuant to EU legislation, the prices for design services shall be market-based. To protect investors, designers, and public interest, the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia, in collaboration with Slovenian Chamber of Engineers, prepared Arhigram and Urbigram.

Arhigram allows calculations for recommended number of standard design or engineering hours required for a quality performance of services offered, whereby the calculation of service value is no longer linked only to the investment value.

A ZAPS member is obligated to prepare a tender that clearly shows the number of standard hours (hereinafter: SH) and the value of a standard hour in euros. A tender that is more than 30% below the recommended number of SH should be considered an abnormally low tender, which does not comply with the rules of the profession and does not guarantee design documents in accordance with best design practices. ZAPS uses this tool for calculations of design services prices, when its expert opinion is sought.

The value of a standard hour is calculated by every tenderer based on the characteristic of its business. You can calculate the value of a standard hour using the tab Calculation of valuation hour in the Arhigram application. The amount of standard hours required for preparing design documents depends on the assessment of investment costs related to construction itself and the complexity of the design or the complexity of the relevant building.