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International, open, one-level, project, competition for the selection of professionally most suitable solution for: CENTER ZNANOSTI (SCIENCE CENTRE)

The central subject of the competition is the architectural design of the “Science Centre” building, the urban design of placement of the “Science Centre” building within the competition area, the survey solution for the entire OPPN 81 area and further in the process the acquirement of the designer of the project documentation for the “Science Centre”. The programme of the “Science Centre” will put the building at the crossroads of science, technology and culture by closely intertwining with economy, research activity and education. The “Science Centre” shall represent the interdisciplinary demonstration object and enable a test and presentation of new technological solutions or innovations, it shall be technologically advanced and innovative, a building, which will enable the placement of the latest technology and systems after the construction as well, and it shall be designed as an evolving building throughout a longer period of its life cycle.

Dear Sir/Madam, We would like to thank all participants in the competition for their cooperation. We ask you to take over competition design and the model on Thursday, 4.4. 2019, from 14:00 to 15:00 in MAO, Fužine Castle, Pot na Fužine 2. The takeover shall be notified in advance to the e-mail: natecaji@zaps.si and the code of your competition design should be given.

The takeover will also be possible at ZAPS, Vegova ulica 8, 1000 Ljubljana during office hours (every working day between 8:00 and 12:00, except on Tuesdays between 12:00 and 16:00) from 10.4. to including 26.4.2019.
After that date, we will no longer keep the material!

All the questions must be send to: Portal JN
Scroll down to the end of the site, where you will find questions and answers.

Public Release No 1: 19.10.2018
Competition documentation (folders A_Competition rules, B_ competition brief, C_ competition basis_1.part and C_ competition basis_2.part) are published in english.

Public Release No 2: 19.11.2018
Despite the preliminary answers that registration is not necessary, we decided to introduce voluntary registration in order to optimize the organization of the competition. Therefore, we ask all competitors who intend to submit their competition design for the Science centre to register by 10.12.2018 on the web link below. Only one registration is required for one competition design. Thank you for cooperation!

Press Release No 3: 26.11.2018:
Photographs of the wider area model are published among the documentation E_foto model. The model is on display at ZAPS, during the official hours from 26.11.2018.

Press Release No 4: 5.12.2018:
Due to the great interest in the competition and the associated additional rapporteurs, the client changes the requirement for the compulsory number of submitted electronic media from 2 pcs to 5 pcs and the number of required A3 folders from 2 pcs to 3 pcs.


We kindly invite you to the opening of the exhibition of the competition designs of international open one stage design competition for selecting the most professionally appropriate solution for SCIENCE CENTRE which will be held on Thursday, March 21, 2019, at 13.00 in MAO, the Fužine Castle, Pot na Fužine 2, Ljubljana.
The exhibition will be open until April 4th 2019, from Tuesday to Sunday between 10.00 and 18.00.

Competition submission deadline: 20.12.2018
Publication of results: 22.02.2019

Award: Competition design with working no. 1040, candidate code: 37519


Ravnikar Potokar arhitekturni biro
Ajdin Bajrović, univ. dipl. inž. arh.
Špela Kuhar, univ. dipl. inž. arh.
Robert Potokar, univ. dipl. inž. arh.
Mina Gutović, mag. inž. arh.
Tina Gradišer, mag. inž. arh.
Matej Fornazarič, mag. inž. arh.
Anja Patekar, mag. inž. arh.
Javier Carrera, univ. dipl. inž. arh.


associates, consultants, experts:
Vilko Šuligoj, univ. dipl. inž. grad. – building constructions consultant
Branko Medvešek, univ. dipl. inž. str. – mechanical installations consultant
Andrej Fojkar univ. dipl. inž. kem. inž. – fire safety consultant
Renato Rerečič, univ. dipl. inž. el. – electrical installations consultant

  Competition documentation


President of the Evaluation Committee (ZAPS):
prof. dr. Aleš Vodopivec, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Deputy-President of the Evaluation Committee (Client):
Katja Korošec, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Member (Client):
Jurij Krpan, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Member (Client):
prof. Janez Koželj, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Member (ZAPS):
Fuensanta Nieto, Founding Partner Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos Deputy-

Member (Client):
Ajda Radinja, univ. dipl. pol.

Deputy-Member (ZAPS):
doc. Miran Mohar, slikar, graphic and set designer

Reporter A:
Veronika Ščetinin, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Reporter A:
Lenka Kavčič, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Reporter A:
Dunja Šutanovac, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Reporter KA:
Damjan Černe, univ. dipl. inž. kraj. arh.

Expert on Sustainability:
Friderik Knez, univ. dipl. fiz.

Expert on Sustainability:
dr. Sabina Jordan, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Expert on Investment:
Primož Kunstič, univ. dipl. inž. grad.

Expert on Building Constructions:
dr. Bruno Dujič, univ. dipl. inž. grad.

Expert on OPN MOL (City of Ljubljana Municipal Spatial Plan):
Monika Kovač Mesarić, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Expert on OPN MOL (City of Ljubljana Municipal Spatial Plan):
mag. Maja Brusnjak Hrastar, univ. dipl. inž. arh.

Competiton Custodian:
Jernej Prijon, univ. dipl. inž. arh.